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All belts shown will fit suit trouser loops as well as casual trousers and jeans. Available in Black, Brown, Mid & Dark Navy. 30mm Brass Inlaid Bicolour Simple Square Brass Double Dee Long Oval Square Nickle Wide Stripe Silver Stripe & Loop Raised Gunmetal Curvy Bicolour Full Planed Full Abstract  Copyright 1995 - 2017 Cobra Belts All rights reserved COBRA BELTS The Fells, Thurlow Road, Great Wratting, Suffolk CB9 7HG. ENGLAND t:  +44(0)1440 783594 Back to top

Fine Wire Buckle & Loop

Note: 1” (25mm) wide

Silver Roller

All belts are 11/8” (30mm) wide

Excluding the belts at the bottom of page which are 1” (25mm) wide.

All belts are 32.50


Please remember to include your receipt as well as 3.50 in coin to cover return postage.

Please also remember to check out the sizing page (click here) in order to get the most accurate measurement for your replacement belt.

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Brass & Gunmetal

25mm Woven

Note: 1” (25mm) wide

For 2017

For 2017

For 2017